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"Mind" -> Back To Narita To Yokohama Part II

Now, if you haven't read the first part of this blog entry, you'll need to go and catch up here.

Once down to the ticket office, you can tell the person taking the orders to get you a ticket to Yokohama. You'll need to make sure to call out the right place, otherwise you'll not be able to get through the gate on the other side of the trip when you are done. You'll need to go the the ticket office on the arriving side and pay more money.

The key to the Narita Express or NEX, is to look for the green JR signs. Should say "Narita Airport Station."

Not a really good picture, but if you look ahead, you'll see the ticket turn style. For somebody that doesn't take a lot of trains, this can be a little confusing. If you have a season pass there is one that has a sensor pad. What you want is the turn style with a slot infront. Sorry, I didn't get a picture.

With the printing upwards, slip the ticket into the slot in the front of the turn style. The slot is much bigger than the ticket so you can't miss it. Then walk forward, and you ticket will magically pop up in the middle of the turn style. Take your ticket, as you'll need it on the exit turn style.

Go down the stairs to track 1.

Double check the board, because it'll flash English also. Look for the time it will be leaving.

If you look at the LED boards over the train doors, you'll see that it lists the car number.

You can see that my ticket says car 2, seat 7-B. So this is my car.

There is a really cool luggage lock. You simply put the cable through the handle of your luggage, then place the loop-end of the cable on a peg behind the little door. Then dial in a secret 4 digit number. Then twist the dial to lock and set the numbers to all zero. If you put back the original 4 digit number, it'll open the door. Don't forget the number, or you'll miss your station for sure.

Look there some guy in the seat next to me.

They have improve the monitors. It really shows you where you are at.

The train cars separate at Tokyo station, and because you bought the right ticket, you stay on the same car which goes to Yokohama.

Look the turnstyles are ahead and to the right.

When you put your ticket in the turnstyle this time, it will not give the ticket back. It eats it. This is so people don't use dead tickets.

Unfortunately, we couldn't remember where to go, and we started to go to the east exit. Then we wondered where we were at.

Luckily, they have maps every where, and we saw it was the west exit we wanted.

Even late at night, the subway station is always a buzz. Youl'll need to climb some stairs to get out.

Wind your way outside on the west station.

When you get outside, walk 30 yards to the left, and look up. The Sheraton is above you.

If you walk through the open court yard to the left, you'll see a stairs down (to go under, which I never take), or a stairs up. I normally take the stairs up. This will take you directly to the Sheraton.
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