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"Spirit" -> The Homosexual Agenda

Can we, as Christians, legislate morality?

Recently, my home state's court declared that homosexuals could be recognized in marriage. If you believe that the Bible is the Word of God, inerrant and read at face value, you believe that homosexuality is not right. Most Evangelical Christians fight what they call the homosexual agenda. They believe that by allowing things like homosexual marriage we are allowing sin in our midst and possibly even judgment on ourselves. What we can't do, in their minds, is allow marriage to happen.

In contrast to this viewpoint, I am not for homosexual marriage but I will not fight it. I think that reflection and prayer will lead you to the same conclusion.

Most people don't have any idea of the Biblical message of how to fight homosexuality. If you are a fundamentalist believer in Christ going to a good Bible believing Church, you are probably oppose the homosexual agenda. Therefore, when you read this, you might think me as quite mad or not a real Christian.

"What do you mean?" you'll say. "I fight the homosexual agenda because the Bible said that we should oppose it."

What you are thinking about is the Levitical code that proscribes homosexual relationships. Yet, the Law is dead. We no longer live under the Law. As a matter of fact, not only are we not under the Levitical code, we should never suggest that the code was to be lived outside of the tribes of Israel. (About the best you can do is suggest that Acts 21:25 hits up a narrow list of things from the law that Gentile Christians believers must hold. Even here, of these lists of items for Gentile Christians, "eating meeting sacrificed to idols" is later overturned in Paul's writings. No where is it suggested that Christians should be trying to foist our beliefs on others.)

Punishment by death for a homosexual act was created for a very particular time. This is when Israel was under a Theocracy and "the Law" was in effect. Now, I am not saying that the Law is bad. I am a big advocate that many things in the Old Testament are models and foretastes for the Church. I have written on some of this before, and hopefully I will more in the future. The net is that many things in the Old Testament are made for Christians, and they are not made for "the World."

Yet, we want to place the burden of the Old Testament on the World. Even worse, we Christians seem to pick and chose the ones we want to enforce. There seems to be no clear method for applying the rules. Thus, the world makes fun of the Christian Church when we decry homosexuality over our Sunday dinner ham. They say that the same law that says no homosexual relationships also says no pork.

"Well what about Paul?" you ask. "Didn't he forbid it?" The answer is yes, but if you look at it, he never said to try and get the World to forbid it.

Let's look at I Cor 6:9

Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor male prostitutes nor homosexual offenders nor thieves nor the greedy nor drunkards nor slanderers nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God.

If you read his words, he is calling out that their are many sins that are clear signs that will be an evidence against your salvation. He says that homosexuality is in line with being drunk. I know many that would easily live with individuals that get hammered on the weekends would decry somebody that was gay. Yet, to Paul, they both will not be in the Kingdom of Heaven.

If the Church would try and stop the "alcohol agenda" with the same passion as the homosexual agenda I would call them misguided but consistent. However, they are not consistent. They are not because they do not understand the scriptures or the words that spoken therein. Let me repeat, the Old Testament is a model for the Church. It is not a model for the world.

What was physical death in the Old Testament is now understood to be Spiritual death in the New Testament. What was the tribe of Israel is the Church in the new Testament. Once you understand this, the scripture opens up very dramatically and what was foggy becomes clear.

See Paul never once in all the letters he wrote said that "we needed to stop the homosexual agenda." Paul was not one to mince words. There was plenty of homosexual behavior in his day. Paul calls out that it is not right, but he spend little time on it other than a few verses. Our Lord doesn't even address it at all.

So, what do I believe?

Being gay and being a Christians possible. However, you cannot express your homosexuality, and you must be celibate. Fantasies are wrong, and to be fought. You were dealt a deck of cards that is unfortunate. Some people are given a genetic disposition toward alcoholism. Some are given a bad temper. All of this is wrong. Despite our flesh, we are called to ask for help to live beyond our weakness. In as much as I believe there is a genetic component of being gay, this does not give you a license to indulge your weakness.

However, if you are outside the Church, then you are going to be ruled by your human desires. Paul tells us about this in Philippians 3

[19] Their destiny is destruction, their god is their stomach, and their glory is in their shame. Their mind is on earthly things.

The world is not going to allow us to stop their god. By coming in and trying to stop them, we are only going to insult their God. If we think that we can stop this by legislative acts, we deceive ourselves.

You may say, "Well, we need to protect them from themselves."

See, this is how the world thinks and not the Christian. It is the nature of our God to allow the tools of our own destruction. Jesus's first miracle in The Gospel of John was the changing of water into wine.I believe that a simple reading of this is that our Lord had made an alcoholic drink. Undoubtedly this would used by some in the party to become drunk. Now, Jesus could of said, "I will not make anything that could lead to sin." However, he did not say this. What he did was make something that some in the party would abuse.

This is the way in which this world was made. We have both good and bad that we can do with many things. It is up to man to make the decision about how we will respond to the opportunity.

Is this to say that Churches should be open to homosexuals?

My answer is absolutely yes. We should embrace them with open arms and love in our hearts. We should feed them and take them in. We should encourage them and give them jobs. Then we must ask them to accept Jesus and turn from their habits. Their habits only become a problem once they call themselves a Christian and engage in this habit. If a Christian brother or sister is okay with being gay, we cannot be.

For me, the biggest thing is what to do about the influence of this world on our children, but even here I doubt that we should fear the gay agenda more than many other things. For us, we did not pull out our Children from the public schools because of the homosexual agenda. We pulled them out because we see many things that are horribly against the will of God. Really, keeping our kids safe from homosexuality is the least of problems in the schools.

In my mind, having exposure to "two Moms" or "two Dads" as an alternative family unit needs to be understood and tolerated in any environment. It should never be formally embraced in the confines of the Christian church, but to be anything but hospital and kind to these families is to appeal to the flesh and not the spirit.

"Well, how can you allow Gay Marriage?" you may ask.

I ask how can you allow divorce? Marriage is about one man and one woman joined forever together to raise a family. Yes, homosexual marriage is a warping of the original purpose of marriage, but so is the many, many divorces and remarriages that happen. Ask yourself why gay people want to get married. It is to limit their sexual explorations. It is to have financial security. It is to raise a family. If you are worried about Children being indoctrinated in homosexuality, I would suggest that you should stop Mormon marriage since it also indoctrinates to a false religion.

Many years ago, my Father somebody gay working for him in one of the side businesses that he owned. Some other employees can to my Dad to ask him to get rid of this person. My Dad is about as fundamentalist as they come. He thought and prayed about it, and finally he said, "What this boy does on his own time is between him and God."

My mother agreed, and she said, "If we don't treat them fair, how will they ever come to know Jesus?"

I can hardly think of more Godly parents.

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