Friday, December 28, 2007

"Mind, Body, and Spirit" -> What We're Made Of (Part III): The Conclusion

No pictures in this one, because we are going to talk about something that no mind can conceived of.

Now that we have the idea of we are made up of three parts, we can look at death. Heaven is sometimes pictured as spiritual beings in a spiritual place. This is counter to what the Bible says. We are not beings unless all three parts are together: mind, body, and spirit. Therefore, we will eventually be joined with a body.

Probably, the longest section of scripture is 1 Corinthians 15, where Paul spends a lot of time talking around the new bodies that we will have. What I find interesting in Paul's writing on this subject is how many words he use to tell us so very, very little. He is not spilling the details on purpose.

Let's stick to the facts of Paul does tell us:

1. There will be a resurrection of the dead.
2. We will have a different type of body
3. We get that body at the last trumpet, when all of the Christians are changed
4. The body we get will be imperishable

Our Lord tells us a few more things, when asked about this:

5. There is no marriage in heaven, and all marriages are no more
6. We are not given in marriage, but we are like the angels (wish I knew more)

The Revelation Of John Tells Us More:

7. The resurrected body may cry, but Christ will wipe away the tears. So, it seems that we can still get ourselves in trouble, but the Lord is there to fix it.

8. It may be possible to be hurt, since there exists a tree to heal the nations (it cannot be metaphorical since there no longer is "sin" to be healed from). This tree is either the same or a relation to the Tree of Life in the garden of Eden.

9. Time is still marked out, since the trees bear fruit monthly.

10. There is activity and the activity will go on forever and forever.

See, we are not spirit only beings, we must find our home in the body. The new body waits us.

I can't wait.

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