Monday, May 14, 2007

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Been listening a lot to Bruce's album before his latest one.

Over and over again.

The Album is called "You've Never Seen Everything," and it is characteristically Bruce.

Dark and foreboding. A sense of sweet hurt rings throughout it's pulse.

I listen to his words, and I feel slightly removed as he weaves stories of different lands and injustice down to our fellow human beings.

I catch a little more out of his songs each time. Not all of it is good, but some of it is brilliant.

I very much like the beginning of Post Cards From Cambodia:

Abe Lincoln once turned to somebody and said:
Do you ever find yourself talking with the dead?

There are three tiny deaths heads carved out of mammoth tusk
on the ledge in my bathroom.
They grin at me in the morning when Im taking a leak,
but they say very little.

Outside Phnom Penh theres a tower, glass-pannelled,
maybe ten meters high,
filled with skulls from the killing fields.
Most of them lack the lower jaw
so they dont exactly grin,
but they whisper, as if from a great distance,
of pain, and of pain left far behind

Eighteen thousand empty eyeholes peering out at the four directions

Here is a picture of some of these 18,000 thousand skulls.

All breathing and living at one time.

And each one of them that had the physical life scraped out of them.

It makes our small pains inconsequential. Our minor issues, no issues at all. For we have it easy.

Each one of them taken from this earth.

The sadness will ring out.

The skulls will cry out.

And justice, one day, must be done.

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