Monday, May 07, 2007

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Summer Breeze.

The above is a link to my songs on unsigned.

Now, I've submitted a song or two to "Garage Band" to get them reviewed and ranked anonymously. In many ways this is a really good way of getting feedback on the songs. On one of my songs, which I rather like, I got a lousy 2.2 stars.

Now, the interesting part is "why" do certain people like a song and others don't. Frankly, it seems that at least part of it has to do with luck and perception.

Recently, Duncan Watts, a sociologist at Columbia University, set up the MusicLab experiment. You can go there and try it yourself. The experiment features pretty much more of the pop-punk or emo type of music, so it definitely appeals more to the younger angst ridden teenage.

In Music Lab, while there was a consistent nod to the better songs, there was no way to determine if you had a hit on your hands. Hits came because people thought it was a hit.

For at least half of the people, the researchers gave a little indicator of how often the song was downloaded. Obviously, if the song was downloaded a lot, it must be popular. Once people started downloading a song, it gained momentum, and would become a hit. However, the "hit status" was driven by the download status not just the music.

This was termed "Cumulative Advantage." Once you started to get an advantage, you kept an advantage. Once people thought you were popular, you would stay popular.

At the bottom line, if people thought the song was popular, then the song was deemed popular. If the song was not seen as popular, then the song was not popular.

I don't think that I will ever get a "Cumulative Advantage," but at least my songs are mine.

While I need to rework some of the lyrics (I'm not all that happy with the last verse), here is the current standard of my song.

Summer Breeze

Winter left its mark as it cut me to the bone
Spring cleaning kept me up to hours yet unknown
But when it gets hotter, then I'm left here on my own
The work gets all slower and the chores get all postponed

Summer breezes call my name
Resting inertial frame
Won't you try and do the same?

Lying in my hammock with my glass by my side,
Restful thoughts of nice just cannot pushed aside
When I do nothing, then nothing is implied.
I tell you that leisure just cannot be denied

Summer breezes call my name
Resting inertial frame
Won't you try and do the same?

Why is their hate in our world that we all share,
When their goodness in the smell of the air,
Brother hates brother cause they are so unaware,
We all have enough so let us not with us compare

Summer breezes call your name
Resting inertial frame
Won't we try and do the same?

I've tried a bit of scat and jazz vocals on this. Believe me, I don't have enough time to work on this much, so you get to hear what I can do off the top of my head, but it was enjoyable none-the-less.

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