Sunday, February 04, 2007

"Spirit and Mind" -> How To Count

This post is probably one of the most interesting ones that I can do. It is about counting and how we really don't know how to count.

So, I want to give you a test. If you wouldn't mind load this link into your web browser: LINK HERE. You will see a basketball game. I want you to count the number of times you see somebody pass the basketball. Now this will be a bit hard, and you will need to to really concentrate since there are at least two basketballs that you will need to track. Also, the people are a bit transparent, making it harder.

To make the test fair, try not to read the other part of the web page and play the film as soon as it comes up. If it doesn't start when you get to the web page, then please start it immediately. (Unfortunately, you will need Java installed on your machine.)

After you have done this one, I suggest you try one more basketball counting scheme. This is a little easier since you don't have transparent people in it. Just simply count both basketball passing. The link is here: LINK HERE.

Now after you are done, come back here. And, I'll give you the answer.

It will be in my next post, but how we count numbers will surprise you.

Really, it is worth it.

Do it now.

If you want the answer, go here: LINK HERE.

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