Saturday, October 07, 2006

"Music" -> Artist Paul Anka

Rock and Roll obviously is the land of rebellion and strife: living your own life and living the artistic expression. Even with my conservative nature, I enjoy it when somebody stands up and does something new and rebellious.

I just never thought it would be Paul Anka.

Paul Anka is known as an artist of years gone past. His heyday was with songs like "Puppy Love," although he did come back in the 70's with a Carpenter like song called "Having My Baby." Ah, take your pick between sugar or saccharine because they both describe how I remember this man.

But here the other day, I was searching for "Black Hole Sun," and what name pops up, but Paul Anka? What would this Bubble Gum guy be doing with the Seattle grunge standard?

It turns out that Mr. Anka has taken 14 rock standards and brought swing band sensibility to them (think of the rat pack ala Frank Sinatra). I must admit that Mr. Anka does have strong musical talent. His voice is good. Finally, he knows his way around a swing band.

So I turned to Amazon to see what the listeners had to say, and I was surprised. There were 141 reviews and it seems as if they were either all 1 star or 5 stars. When I started to read the reviews, it was simply clear...

Paul Anka had stuff a dagger into some of the hearts of the Nirvana crowd. I really liked the following comment:

He murdered "Smells Like Teen Spirit" because he knew nothing about the song. He merely read a lyrics sheet. The song is all about teenage angst, anger and depression.

Obviously, this poor gentleman's feelings were hurt. He simply couldn't handle the fact that a grown up had shown up in his room and turned on the lights.

The fact that rock songs that have hit quality also have strong melodic components. The songs transfer wonderfully to the swing genre, and the truth is that music is no one's bailiwick.

The truth is that since the coming of hip-hop, there is nothing new. The music that is accessible to the kids of today can be accessible to their parents and even their grand parents. Kids will just need to find a new way of rebellion because music is no longer a good hiding place.

And by the way, I enjoyed Mr. Anka version of Black Hole Sun very much.

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